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Banking ombudsman

Doc. dr Halil Kalač

He was born on 12 November 1950 in Kalače, the municipality of Rožaje. He finished primary school in Rožaje. He finished Grammar school “Panto Mališić” – Department in Rožaje in 1969. He graduated from the Faculty of Economy in 1973. He earned Master Degree in Economics in 2000 and the Ph.D. from the Faculty of External Trade and Banking in Belgrade in 2005. The topic of his Master Paper was “Transformation, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of the Montenegrobank ad Podgorica” (this paper served as the basis for the rehabilitation and privatization of the Montenegobank ad Podgorica). The defended the Ph.D. paper “The Effects of Foreign Indebtedness of Montenegro to Its Economic and Financial Development Strategy” and earned the Ph.D. from the Faculty of External Trade and Banking in Belgrade in 2005. He was appointed as the associate Professor in 2006.

As the graduate economist, he started working in 1973 in ŠIK “Gornji Ibar” (Forestry Industrial Complex) in Rožaje, where he performed tasks from trainee to Director General of the Complex. He was appointed the Director of ŠIK “Gornji Ibar” in two mandates from 1978-1985. In that period, ŠIK “Gornji Ibar” Rožaje was developing intensively and had significant investment activity (Factory of Decorative Paper, Car service, Factory of panel boards, Hotel Turjak, Bus Station, ski lifts, many warehouses in the area of SFRY). He was the Director of Development of the ŠIK “Crna Gora” in Podgorica in 1985 and 1986. In the period 1986-1992, he was the Director of the Factory for Processing of Crystal “Krisat - Zaječar” in Rožaje during its construction, and later in production.

He was appointed the Director of the Montenegrobank – main branch office in Rožaje in 1992 and remained at the function until 2006, when he started working as a University Professor (International university “Philip Noel Baker” Sarajevo, University “Mediterranean” Faculty of Business studies “Montenegro Business school” Podgorica and University Braća Karić Belgrade).

He was appointed the first Montenegrin Banking Ombudsman by the Parliament of Montenegro on 5 November 2010.



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 I participated in creation and realization of investment projects, of which the most important were:
- Car Service Rožaje,
- Factory of panel boards Rožaje
- Factory of Crystals Rožaje,
- Hotel Turjak – with cableways and ski-lifts Rožaje,

The most important studies:
- Strategy of the sustainable development of Rožaje Municipality -UNDP,
- Possibilities of Developing Tourism at the area of Hajla, Džakovica, Skrivena


1. Economic reforms of the banking sector, sustainable development, economic reforms, entrepreneurship, client protection
2. Market economy and economic paradigm of advanced countries, (EU, USA, Japan, China)
3. European and Euro-Atlantic integration, EU, WTO, CEFTA and the like.


1. Diploma of Manager – Montenegrobank Ad Podgorica
2. Numerous awards and diplomas (as General Director of “Gornji Ibar”, diploma of the Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce, “Kristal – Zaječar”, Municipality of Rožaje)

- Course of English Language 1-3, Podgorica
- PC literacy training, 6 months, Faculty of Economy

Computer Literate:
- MS Word
- MS Excel
- MS Corel
- MS Power Point.



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